Configuration - Planner Source

The drop down box will show all Event, Task, Issue and Custom lists in the current site that have at least 2 date columns.

It will also show any Public views defined on that list by indenting the view name with a "-". For example in the screenshot to the right the "Shift Assignments" list has a view called "Day Shift"

If you choose a list based on an Event List template then the Start and End dates will be chosen for your automatically. If you chose a list based on another template then you have to select the date columns to use for the Start and End dates.

Note - Lists will only be included in the options if they have at least 2 date columns.

You can select which fields are used for the Category column (except for the Classic planner style) and the Label.

Labels will be displayed inside a Timeline or after a Milestone

Optionally, you can also display a progress bar by selecting a % field from your list.


When using the By Category or Gantt styles you can optionally choose a 2nd Category field.

Click the + plus icon under the first Cateogrory Label and choose a 2nd field using the drop down that appears.

Note - this feature was added in version 4.1, October 2021.

If you choose the Use Initials option on the Category or Label fields then the full text will be reduced to Initials - useful if space is limited or the text represents names or well understood abbreviations. A tooltip will still display the full text.
The Always set to a full day option is useful in situations were only the date is set but you want that to represent the end of the day. For example in a staff absences list the users will likely only set the first day and last day of a holiday - leaving the time component set to 00:00 (midnight) - as shown here :-

Without this option selected a Gantt chart will appear to be short one day :-

With this option selected the Timeline will reflect the period from 4 April 2005 00:00:00 (midnight) until 15 April 2005 23:59:59 :-