Highlighter - FAQ

After installing Highlighter, I can't find the feature to activate it anywhere.

Due to way SharePoint deals with Custom Columns, they can't be administered using features: Once deployed they are always active. To confirm that Highlighter has been installed successfully, you can either:

a) Check Central Administration: Under System Settings -> Farm Management -> Manage Farm Solutions, 'Pentalogic Highlighter' should be shown as 'Deployed'

b) Create a new column: 'Pentalogic Highlighter' should be shown as an option.


What versions of SharePoint is Highlighter compatible with?

  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2013 : Manual installation is required to use in "14 mode" where it continues to look like 2010. Contact support@pentalogic.net for details
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2019 (but only when running in 'Classic experience mode')
  • SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (but only when running using 'classic list views')


I am having problems printing Highlighter columns

Please see the Printing FAQ


Highlighter columns don't export to Excel.

I am afraid that Highlighter doesn't support Excel exports.


I am getting an error

Please see the Troubleshooting FAQ