Highlighter Example Uses

Highlight Overdue Items

Do you want to highlight dates that have passed?

Here's a quick example showing you how:

Highlight High Priority Items

If you run a busy help desk or customer service center it's easy to miss the high priority tickets in the mass of incoming items.

SharePoint Highlighter can quickly and easily Highlight High Priority tickets as they come in. Here's how...

My Telephone Messages

Avoid lost post-its and e-mails that crowd your inbox: Put your telephone messages into a SharePoint list.

If you do, SharePoint Highlighter can help by letting each team member easily identify their own messages. Here's how...

Manage Overdue Invoices

Store your invoices in a document library?

Add a countdown to the library to show exactly how many days since an invoice was issued, as well as priority flags for 30, 60 and 90 days old. Here's how...