Highlighting Configuration

Highlighting is the core functionality of Highlighter. It lets you add Icons and Row/Cell highlighting to an otherwise plain list:

  • Base on column: Use this to select the column to base the highlighting/icons on. For example, if you’re adding flag icons based on the column ‘Priority’, choose ‘Priority’ here. this is used to generate the Rules further on.
  • Show Icons: Select this option to display flags, stars, cogs, and clocks etc. on your list. To add more icons to the default bundle, see ‘How do I add more icons?’ at the bottom of the Icon Picker manual page. If you select this option, you can also choose the default icon to display.
  • Highlight rows: This option lets you highlight rows on a list.
  • Highlight existing column: This option displays the values from the column selected above (“Base on column”), and adds cell highlighting.

The Views section allows you to add this column to the list’s views. For more information, see the Views manual page.

The Rules section is where the highlighting is mainly configured. It is highly recommended you choose “Auto-create” on your first use of Highlighter, to get an idea of what’s possible.

  • Auto-create uses the base column and display type to generate rules. These rules are likely to be pretty close to what you want; feel free to edit them as needed. More information on the Rules section can be found here.
  • Add custom is for those who have used Highlighter columns before, and want to create Advanced rules from scratch.