Highlighter- Revision History

April 2011 Beta version 1.1.x
6th May 2011 Highlighter public release 1.3.2
9th May 2011 Corrects issue with customised LVWP and DVWP placed on Site Pages 1.3.3
12th May 2011 Corrects issue using on a sub-site 1.3.4
19th May 2011 Corrects issue when using Ajax auto update options in 2010
Highlighter field can be used by partially trusted assemblies
24th June 2011 Performance improvements when many Highlighter columns used on same view
Correction to error when using [Me] with multi user lookup fields.
29th June 2011 Correction to error with rule [Today] equal Date only field
Date picker format localised to site regional settings
31st August 2011 Added .Net framework 3.5 prerequisite
Corrected negative number handling in Rules
25th October 2011 Added installer checks for presence of SharePoint 1.4.0
24th November 2011 Columns that only highlight rows are hidden
Visible in display form
Compatible with lookups
See blog post for further information: Highlighter v1.5
25th November 2011 'Modified' and 'Created' fields are no longer excluded 1.5.1
22nd December 2011 Supports displaying 2 lists from the same template on the same page 1.5.2
27th February 2012 More tolerant of cross-site web parts 1.5.3
30th March 2012 Ensure that starter pack user counts treat login names case insensitively 1.5.4
10th October 2012 Color category
Better color picker
More icons
19th October 2012 Now compatible with grouped paged views
Correctly evaluates Yes/No calculated fields
20th December 2012 Now compatible with expanded recurring events 1.6.3
25th January 2013 Now compatible with SharePoint 2013
Now loads much more smoothly in 2010
8th April 2013 Fix for 2007 sub-site-collection display 1.7.4
30th August 2013 Fix for filtered list display
Improved empty rule tests
Added 2013 support for lists imported from 2007
12th February 2014 Corrected an error when highlighting list items inside folders 1.7.6
11th June 2014 Corrected a problem that can occur when installing the License Manager on WSS3.0 / MOSS 2007 1.7.7
27th August 2014 Corrected error when using Site Lookup Columns and when using field names containing angled brackets in SharePoint 2013 and IE10+ 1.7.8
17th September 2014 Corrected a performance problem when using Lookup columns to very large lists 1.7.9
22nd July 2016 SharePoint 2016 Compatible
You will need a new License Key for version 2.x which is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement
15th August 2017 Correction of an alignment problem that can occur when using Row Highlighting and Quick Edit with SharePoint 2013+ 2.0.1
15th October 2019 SharePoint 2019 compatible ("Classic Experience" mode only) 3.0.1
16th December 2020 Correct a problem installing on SharePoint 2016 post July CU. 3.0.2
27th March 2023 Correct problem using installer post Feb 23 CU 4.0.1
20th Sept 2023 Correct problem using installer post Sept 23 CU 4.0.2


Upgrading an Existing Installation

To upgrade to a later version without losing any existing settings simply install the latest version - there is no need to remove the old version first.

To upgrade from version 1.x to 2.x you will also need a new License Key - this is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement, otherwise you will need to purchase a new license.