Progress Bar Configuration

The progress bar is an improved way to display a percentage column on your SharePoint list. It can also be used to calculate the percentages to display, using values from other column, much like a Calculated column.


Below is the "Columns" display section, which allows you to choose the data to use in the column:

  • % column: Select this to choose an existing percentage column
  • Two Number columns: When selected, you can choose an Amount column and a Total column. The Amount column is displayed as a percentage of the Total column (e.g. "Sales to Date" (10) as a percentage of "Sales Target" (50) would show 20%)
  • Two Date columns: Uses the current date to show the progress between two date columns (e.g. "Start Date" and "Due Date").


Next, you can choose which views to add the column to; more information can be found on the Views manual page.


The Display section is where you choose how you want the Progress Bar to be displayed on the list view:

  • Preview: This shows you what the progress bars will look like on the page. As you change the display settings, the preview will update to reflect them. This gives you a chance to experiment with settings before adding the column.
  • Border style: The line style of the border around the progress bar. Choose "None" if you don't want a border.
  • Text position: Where the percentage value should be displayed on the progress bar.
  • Width: How wide the progress bar should be on the page. "Default" uses the normal amount of space available on the page. "Exact" allows you to force the bar to be a certain size; ensuring it isn't squashed on a crowded view, for example.
  • Background: The background color of the progress bar. Click the colored rectangle to change this.
  • Progress: The color of the bar showing the percentage.
  • Text: the color of the percentage text
  • Border: The color of the border (if the Border Style is not set to "None")


Normally, Rules allow you to change the color of the Progress Bar (set by default by the "Progress" setting), based on it's value.

In Advanced mode you can use the values of this and other columns to change any aspect of the Progress Bar.

For further details, see Rules.