Manual - Troubleshooting

Highlighter will occasionally display warnings or validation errors when there are problems with column settings, or there has been a more serious system problem. This is a detailed explanation of these messages, and what to do if you receive one.

Messages when creating/editing a column

Please choose Columns

This message is generated if you haven’t selected a source column type for a Progress Bar. For information on how to do configure the Progress Bar field, please see the Progress Bar Configuration manual page.

Please choose a Display type

This message is shown when attempting to create a Highlighting column with no Display type selected. For information on how to do configure the Highlighting field, please see the Highlighting Configuration manual page.

Create a Highlighting column with no Rules?

This is a warning that you haven’t added any rules to a column when we’d expect you to do so. If you’re experimenting with adding a very basic Highlighter column, then it’s fine to click ‘Ok’ and continue.
If you intended to use Highlighter in earnest and received this message, it’s likely you’ll need to add some rules to the column. The best way to do this is to click the ‘Auto-create’ button to automatically generate a suggested rule set, and configure it from there. See the Rules Configuration manual page for more information.

Invalid source column “None available”

This message is shown when one or more of the columns selected in the Columns section is displaying “None available”.
“None available” means that there are no columns that match the data type required for this particular Display type. For example, when creating a Progress Bar field based on a percentage column, where there are no percentage columns in the list.

Cannot auto-create rules from column "[None]"

This message is displayed when choosing to Auto-Create Rules, and is caused by the “Base on column' choice in the Display section being set to “[None]”. The Auto-Create functionality needs a column to base the rules on, in order to best match your requirements.

More information on the Rules Auto-Create can be found on the Rules Configuration manual page.

Messages on the list view


The column generation has failed. This can be caused by source columns being deleted, or by network issues. Try opening the column settings and checking there are no depended-upon columns missing. If not, save the settings and check the display again (settings are revalidated on save).If the problem persists, contact, including a screenshot of the list view and the settings page.

Beta has expired

Unfortunately your beta licence has expired. Thank you for helping us test Highlighter, please continue to the purchase page, not forgetting your beta-tester discount code.

Licence Error

Your licence has expired, or the licensed number of servers and/or users has been exceeded. The exact problem will be displayed on the tooltip of the warning icon in the column title.

Web part errors

Unable to display this Web Part ...

If you are using SharePoint 2010 and the web part is set to use AJAX in some form (asynchronous rendering, or automatically updating), it's possible you're suffering from a bug present in version 1.3.4 and older. Upgrading to the latest version of Highlighter should resolve this issue.

If you are already using version 1.3.5 or higher, but have previously had a version older than 1.3.5 installed, it is likely you're experiencing an upgrade issue related to SharePoint Designer. Methods to resolve this can be found in our SharePoint Designer FAQ.

Unable to use with SharePoint 2010's DataSheet view

SharePoint doesn't support modifying this so there is nothing we can do, sorry!

Doesn't update after editing data in SharePoint 2013+'s Quick View

SharePoint doesn't support this (there is no mechanism to refresh the custom column after data edit) so there is nothing we can do, sorry!