TeamTime - My Dashboard

This page is where most users will spend their time on the site. The page is divided into 3 sections:

  • The Punchcard web part (top)
  • The TimeSheet web part (middle)
  • Two graphs at the bottom: These show information on the hours logged so far this week by the user


The Timesheet web part is where users enter their hours. Hours and any notes are associated with a Project and a Task.

The total for each day is shown at the bottom of each column (in the ‘Actual total’ row), and the total for the week is shown on the bottom right.

The Date Navigation control on the top left allows users to switch between weeks, and the User Picker (shown to managers only) allows different users’ timesheets to be viewed/updated..

On the bottom right, the Update button saves the timesheet, and the Approve button approves the timesheet. The Approve button is only displayed to managers/approvers, or to all users if self approval has been enabled in the Settings page.

Once approved, managers can also Unapprove the timesheet here; this may occasionally necessary, as Approved timesheets cannot be changed.

If enabled on the Settings page, you will see the Copy last week button next to the Add row button when the timesheet is empty. This copies the data from the previous week's timesheet into the currently displayed timesheet.

If you don't have any data to copy from the previous weeks timesheet (either approved or unapproved) then the button will not show nor if you've saved any time in the current weeks timesheet.


The Punchcard web part is essentially a stopwatch that records the amount of time a user spends on a project and task.

Clicking Start begins the timer. Clicking Stop stops the timer and records the time spent onto today’s timesheet for the current user.