TeamTime - Settings

The settings page allows Site Administrators to configure the site:




  • Time Entry: How users should enter their hours on the My Dashboard page:
    • TimeSheet & Punch In/Out: Users can enter hours using both methods
    • TimeSheet: The Punchcard web part is unavailable
    • Punch In/Out: The TimeSheet web part is read only (except to managers)
  • Hour display: Whether hours should be displayed in fractions (3.75) or minutes (3:45)
  • Project/Task title length limit: The maximum length of a Project or Task name. Names that are longer than 20 characters may interfere with page formatting.


  • Show working hours: Whether the ‘Target total’ row should be shown on the TimeSheet web part, and used for colour highlighting on both the TimeSheet and Punchcard web parts.
  • Show "Copy last week" button: Enabling this option allows users to copy their timesheet from last week into this week's empty timesheet
  • Show dates under day names: This option displays the days' dates on the timesheet
  • Show non-working days: If enabled, this shows days on the timesheet that are not marked as working days, allowing users to book overtime on days they wouldn't normally work.
  • Start of Week: Changes the starting day of the week. Changing this setting causes all the data in the site to be recalculated. Unless unavoidable, it's advisable to only use this setting on a new site.

User defaults

These are the default values used when users do not have an entry in the Users list

  • Daily working hours: The number of hours a team member is expected to work in a day
  • Hourly rate: The standard hourly rate for users (in your local currency)
  • Working days: The days users are normally expected to work

Support and Licensing

In this section you can see the current status of your license; in the example the site has an expired trial license. When ordering licenses for TeamTime, you will need to provide the Installation code shown here.

  • Version: The version of TeamTime you currently have installed


  • Analysis visible to users: Whether non-managers can view the Analysis pages
  • Reports visible to users: Whether non-managers can view the Reporting pages
  • Users can approve their own timesheets: Allows users to approve their own timesheets as well as Approvers/Managers


For more information of TeamTime's extensibility, see the Extensibility manual page. Each option allows Approvers to view the respective lists through the SharePoint UI.

  • Display Project and Task lists: Allows direct access to the Project and Task lists: See Extensibility: Project and Task lists.
  • Display Approvals list: Displays list Approvals list, which logs all Approve and UnApprove actions: See Extensibility: Approvals.
  • Display read-only timesheet: Displays a read-only copy of TeamTime's core timesheet list. See Extensibility: Timesheets.
  • Synchronise read-only timesheet: Resets any changes that have been made to the read-only timesheet list, ensuring the list data matches the main timesheet list.

Custom columns

For more information about TeamTime's custom columns see: Custom Columns Guide