TeamTime - Custom Column Management

The Custom Column Management page allows you to choose the order columns (including custom columns) are shown on the timesheet, and how the weekly information from the is transformed into monthly information for the Analysis By Month pages:

Column: The name of the column

Type: The type of the column. If the type is incompatible with TeamTime (e.g. User, Lookup), you will be warned here

Order: The order in which to display the columns (only available to site administrators)

Transform: There are three options for each column transform:

  • Group: Splits the data using this column (much like Person or Project). This is useful for columns you wish to use to filter or group analysis.
  • Ignore: Do not use this column to create month data. Use this for purely informational columns (such as Comments).
  • Hide: The column is not shown on the timesheet. Use this for columns required in other TeamTime sites

Setting the Transform to Group will also stop the timesheet from warning you about duplicate entries when this column contains unique values.

To add, edit, or remove columns from the timesheet, follow the link at the top to directly access the TeamTime Content Type.