PivotPoint is missing from the Web Part Gallery

Once installed, you should be able to add the web part to a web part or wiki page. If you can't see PivotPoint in the web part gallery, ensure that the feature is activated by following these steps:

1.    In your top-level site click "Site Actions" and then select "Site Settings" from the drop-down.

2.    Under the heading "Site Collection Administration" click the link "Site Collection Features"

3.    On the list of features you'll find "Pentalogic PivotPoint", which should currently be deactivated.

4.    Click "Activate", which should then show the following:


The System Check shows "The SharePoint Administration service is NOT started!"

The SharePoint Administration Service is NOT Started!


To install solutions to SharePoint the administration service must be running. Run services.msc and ensure that the following service is running then try again.

SharePoint 2007 - Windows SharePoint Services Administration service

SharePoint 2010 - SharePoint 2010 Administration service

SharePoint 2013 & 2016 - SharePoint Administration service