When configuring PivotPoint you can enable drill-down on rows, columns and value cells if the field types support this.

For example given the following PivotTable table.

You can enable your users to click on :-

  • October 2008 to see Octobers sales of both products.
  • Bottle-o-matic or £21,700 to see all thesales of that product.
  • £5,700 to see the sales of Bottle-o-matic in September.

You can also perform drill-down operations from graphs.

If there is only 1 record in a particular row,column or cell then you can choose to display just that one record in a list view, or go directly to the display or edit forms.

Select the Drill-down options on the main Configuration toolpart.

Note - Due to limitations in SharePoint's List View Web Part (LVWP) and how it can filter records the Drill Down option will be disabled in some cases :-