Licensing & Support


The License tab shows the Installation Code (which you need to get a License Key and if a Licnese Key has been applied details such as the Order Number, date and whom to.

An Installation Code is generated which is unique to a particular server or farm.

Please see the Licensing FAQ has more details.


The Support tab shows the version number of PivotPoint you have installed.

Don't Cache the web part

PivotPoint normally caches the web part to keep it running as quickly as possible, especially on large lists.

However - if your List is using Item level Security then you should disable caching by selecting this check-box.

Support Code

If you experience problems with the PivotPoint web part or have questions our technical support staff may ask you to enter a Support Code.

This code will output information that will enable our staff to see exactly how you have the web part configured and what data you are using it to display.

After you have entered the Support Code into the web part and selected OK or Apply you will see the following on the web part Page.

Copy support information to the clipboard

This information is not automatically sent to us.

  • You should click on the link "Select here to copy the support information into the clipboard...."

  • Then paste into a text editor such as Notepad as save as a text file

  • Attach the text file to an email

It's important that you do this rather than paste the text directly into an email as it will likely become unreadable during transmission

Please feel free to view the information and replace anything sensitive with XXX.