FAQ - Licensing

  • What Licences are available for PivotPoint Web Part

    Please see the purchase page for current prices.

    Server License - licensed for unlimited use per web front end (WFE) server.

    3 Server Pack - ideal for typical farms that have multiple WFE's

    Site License - unlimited, please contact sales@pentalogic.net with some details about the size of your SharePoint installation for a quote.

    If you have any questions or need advice then please contact sales@pentalogic.net

  • How do the Licence Keys work

    The PivotPoint web part generates an Installation Code that is unique to a particular server or farm. You can enter this Installation Code during the purchase process (or email it to us afterwards) and we will return via email a matching Licence Key that will unlock the full version of the software.

  • Where do I find the Installation Code?

    The Installation Code can be found on the Licensing toolpart and in the License Manager in SharePoint Central Administration.

    Select Modify Web Part, scroll down until you see the Licensing toolpart header and then click the arrows to show the details of the toolpart.

    If you wish to order the software but don't yet know the Installation Code (for example if you are going to install it onto a production server later) - you can enter anything into the online order form and get a Licence Key by contacting us.

    To enter your License Key you will need to use the License Manger.

    Note - PivotPoint v1 license keys are entered into the Licensing toolpart, not the License Manager.


  • What information does the Installation Code contain and what is its purpose?

    The installation code is an identifier unique to a SharePoint farm. It is impossible for us to obtain any sensitive or identifiable information from it.

  • Does this mean that if we ever change the server then we need to buy another licence?

    No, simply contact us giving your new Installation Code and a declaration that the old licence is no longer being used and we will return you a new License Key.

  • How do I upgrade PivotPoint Web Part?

    If you are performing a 'Minor' upgrade (e.g. v1.3 to v1.4) you can install the new version over the existing version. All your settings will be saved.