Example Uses

These pages provide some example's of how you could use the PivotPoint web part on your site. PivotPoints are extremely versatile and useful in a huge variety of situations - you are not limited to the examples shown here.

We would love feedback on how you are using this web part in your organisation and if there is something you are not quite able to make it do then please let us know!

Sales analysis

In this example we are going to use the PivotPoint web part to analyse a sale list in different ways, providing new insights into our sales effort and a dashboard view of the performance of teams in different regions.

Sales Analysis


On-call Rota

Laura's team team has to ensure that someone is on call to respond to emergencies at all times. The team wants to keep a flexible schedule - enabling the team to swap shifts between themselves with ease - but also ensure that the the workload is spread out evenly throughout the team.

Rota example