Revision History

30-Jun-10 Allow PivotPoint to use some 3rd party custom field controls when installed to the GAC. 1.4.5/td>
9-Jun-10 Correction for an error using numeric and currency calculated columns with European regional settings. 1.4.4
27-Apr-10 SharePoint 2010 compatible
Cross browser compatible
Allow use of views containing [Me] filters
22-Mar-10 Ensure null numeric fields are counted as zero
7-Dec-09 Name changed to PivotPoint
Correction to an error caused when summarising data with null date fields and loosing view selections on subsequent configuration changes.
13-Apr-09 Initial Version 1.1.0


Upgrading an existing installation

To upgrade to a later Minor version (e.g. 1.1 to 1.2) without losing any existing settings first issue an IISRESET to ensure that IIS does not hold a file lock on the assembly.

Now simply install the new version - there is no need to remove the old version first.

All your settings will be saved and transferred to the new version.