TeamTime - FAQ - Licensing

What options do I have to purchase TeamTime?

Please see the purchase page for current prices.

Single Server - For mid-sized deployments

Per SharePoint Web Front End (WFE) server and unlimited users.

Note -  You can purchase multiple copies to cover farms with multiple WFE's but you may find the 3 pack more economical.

3 Pack - Ideal for Farms

Up to 3 SharePoint WFE servers and unlimited users.

Site License - For large organizations

Unlimited SharePoint WFE servers and users in one geographical location

Note - To obtain a quote please contact giving details of your installation including :-

  • Current number of production WFE servers
  • Approximate number of users
  • Locations covered


How many user licenses does TeamTime come with, and how can I buy more?

TeamTime is licensed per server; this means it has no user restrictions and no user licenses.

You can have an unlimited number of TeamTime sites, each containing as many users as you like; see the main FAQ for guideline amounts of users per site.


Do I need to get FilterPoint and PivotPoint licenses for the Analysis pages to work?

No. The versions of FilterPoint and PivotPoint packaged with TeamTime are included in the TeamTime license. However, they can only be used within a TeamTime site.

If you wish to use either of these products outside of a TeamTime site, then you will need to purchase the full versions of each.

What if we add an extra WFE to our Farm?

You can purchase an additional Single Server license to cover it.


How do I get a License Key?

To get a License Key you need to tell us your Installation Code which is unique to each server farm.

You can either enter this on the on-line order form or email it to

This guide gives more details on the how Licensing works.


How do I enter my License Key?

You can enter your License Key using the License Manager.


Does this mean that if we ever change server then we need to buy another licence?

No, simply email your new Installation Code and a declaration that the old licence is no longer being used and we will return you a new licence code.


What is your policy for Support and Maintenance?

Please see the Support and Maintenance FAQ.


What about non-production licenses?

Non production licenses such as Development, Test, QA etc are provided free with the Premium Support package.