TeamTime - Projects/Tasks

Projects/Tasks View

Projects Tasks

The ‘Projects’ version of this page shows the Projects in the left column, and their associated Tasks in the right column. The ‘Tasks’ version of the page shows Tasks on the left and their associated Projects on the right.

Clicking ‘Add new’ adds a new Project or Task, and clicking any of the Project or Task titles takes you to the Edit page for that Project or Task.

Project/Task Edit


If you have clicked a Project, this page allows you to change the Project’s name, and its associated Tasks. If you have clicked a Task, this page allows you to change the Task’s name and its associated Projects.

If you add the name of an item in the second box that doesn’t currently exist, it will be created. As you type the name of an item, you will be shown the names of the existing items.

The Active flag allows you to prevent this Project or Task from being displayed on the PunchCard and TimeSheet, without deleting it. It can then still be used in Reports and Analysis without further time being accidentally booked to it.

Save saves the changes, Delete removes the item and all its associations, and Cancel returns you to the Projects/Tasks View page.