Compare the Key Features of SharePoint Alert Customization Webparts

Features OOTB Pentalogic
Alert Plus
Alert Reminder
Virto Alerts
WSS 2 / SPS 2003 N/A
WSS 3 / MOSS 2007 N/A
SharePoint 2010 N/A
SharePoint 2013 N/A
Customise Email
Customise the contents of the email
Include information from your list
Date based (due soon / overdue / Due today)
Easily set overdue/due soon etc without using formula
Existing items
Items Added / Modified
Filter using SharePoint views
Approval Status .
Resend if a specific field change (e.g. Who a task is assigned to)
Control number of emails sent
List Lookup
Manual Entry
Recurring Events
Recurring Event
Alerts at a specific time of the day
Due/Overdue works with sites in different time zones N/A
Alerts sent on specific days of the week
Alerts sent monthly (e.g. Last Friday of month) / yearly e.g. A specific day of the year
Alerts related to your event time (e.g. 30 mins before your meeting or if an issue is still open after 4 hours)
Easy one-click installer N/A
Recipients from list item (e.g. Assigned To)
from multiple columns (e.g. Assigned To and Reported By)
CC/BCC/Reply To
Email SharePoint groups
Contacts lists
Email users not registered on site
Rich Text Formatting
Trial Version
Trial Version N/A
Entry level pricing $995 $700 $199 $695
Email Support & Maintenance Included $140 Included $149 + $139
Telephone support Included N/A $38 N/A
Money Back Guarantee Included N/A N/A N/A
Total $995 $700 + $140p/y $199 $695 + $288 p/y

Information for 2013 compatability correct as of 7-Mar-2013


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