• Double click the Pentalogic.SharePoint.WorldTime.MSI file to start installation

  • Follow the prompts

  • You have a choice to register the Web Part with SharePoint Automatically or Manually









If you are running the install routine on a SharePoint server then the web part can be registered automatically.

If you are running WSSv2 or SharePoint 2003 then a CAB web part file will be installed in the GAC.

If you are running WSSv3 or SharePoint 2007 then a WSP web part file will be installed in the BIN directory.


A CAB and WSP web part file can be found in the Web Part Files directory and these can be installed Manually as detailed here.

  • Removing World Time

Firstly delete the web part from any pages you have added it to.

Note - in order to delete a web part you have to be editing the Shared view of a page, selecting 'Close' does not delete a web part.

From the Add or Remove Programs screen find the Pentalogic - World Time entry and select Remove

If you installed the Web Part onto SharePoint manually then you will also have to remove it manually.