License Manager

We are transitioning from managing the license keys in the individual products to a centralised License Manager.

FilterPoint will be the first product to use the new License Manager and the other products will be converted with new versions.

Your old license keys will still continue to work and no action will be necessary until you choose to upgrade to a later version.

Product Status


Old "In product licensing"New Licensing Manager
TeamTime - All versions
Highlighter - All versions
FilterPoint - All versions
PivotPoint Version 1 Version 2
Planner Version 2.6 and before New version 2.8+
Reminder All versions -


What is the License Manager?

The new licensing manager will allow you to see which of our products you have installed, the current status of each (for example how long you have left in your free trial period), get Installation Codes to send to us and apply purchased License Keys to activate the full version.

This guide explains more about how to get a License Key for your product.

How do I install the License Manager?

When you install one of the products that use the new License Manager (see Product Status table above) you will have the options of installing the License Manager.

You don't have to install the License Manager to activate your free trial - it only needs to be installed in order to get a License Key - but in most cases you may want to install it at the same time as the main product.

If you already have the Licensing Manager installed from a previous product there is no need to install it again.

How do I find the License Manager?

Once its installed you will find the License Manager in

SharePoint 2007 - Central Central Administration > Operations > Pentalogic > License Manager

SharePoint 2007 / WSS 3.0 Central Admin - Pentalogic - License Manager

SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016- Central Administration > System Settings > Pentalogic > License Manager

SharePoint 2010 - Central Admin - Pentalogic License Manager

I still can't find it?

Ensure that the License Manager feature is activated.

SharePoint 2007 - Operations > Global Configuration > Manage farm features

SharePoint 2007 - Central Admin - Activate Farm Feature

SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 - System Settings > Farm Management > Manage farm features

SharePoint 2010 Central Admin - Activate Farm Feature

Also ensure that you are a Site Collection Administrator for the Central Administration > Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Administrators (please note - being a Farm Administrator doesn't automatically give you Site Collection Administrator permissions as well - they normally go hand in hand, but don't have to.)


How do I use the License Manager?

The License Manager has three sections - Products, Web Front Ends and Users


This page shows all installed Pentalogic products, their version and the license status for each - for example how many days left of a trial you have.

In some cases you may have an old version of a product which can't be managed from this screen (see table above)- a link will take you to further instructions.

If you click on the product name or the edit button you will be taken to a page that allows you to modify the license status.

Here you will be able to retrieve the Installation Code which you need to email us so we can generate a License Key and enter the key we will return. If you enter a license, details of the license such as Purchase ID, Order Date etc will be displayed.

Web Front Ends

Typically our products are licensed by the number of Web Front Ends (WFE) you have in a farm. If you have a WFE that is dedicated to central administration then you can specify that they shouldn't be counted as active WFE's.

Our products will not run on WFE's that are not marked as active in this dialog (no changes to SharePoints configuration will be made from this screen, its purely for our own use)