Simple Project Planning with SharePoint Planner web part

Planner web part is ideal for simple project planning within SharePoint.  Using the gantt chart view you can easily track the progress of your project. SharePoint Planner gantt view is just a lot more user friendly than SharePoint's built in gantt chart. See for yourself:

SharePoint Built in Gantt Chart:

sharepoint planner webpart project gantt out of the box

SharePoint Planner web part Gantt Chart:

sharepoint planner webpart project gantt

With SharePoint Planner web part take an overview of your entire project, or use the +/- buttons to zoom in on a particular area for a closer look.

sharepoint planner webpart project gantt zoom in

Show more information on the Gantt chart - and choose what information you show. You decide what information to display in category labels, itelm labels and colour coding:

sharepoint planner webpart project gantt item labels and color coding

Add and amend items in one click directly from the Gantt chart view:

shrepoint planner webpart project gantt add and amend items

Easily print your charts:

sharepoint planner webpart project gantt printing

Set up SharePoint Planner for Simple Project management.

gantt chart style for sharepoint project planning

From the webpart configuration tool, in Planner Style, choose Gantt.

Sharepoint planner webpart gantt chart planner source

In Planner Source choose your list and the columns from which you want Planner to take information:

sharepoint planner webpart gantt chart color picker

Finally, if you wish, set up your color coding:

Your planner is now ready for use by the team.

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